Our Services overview

Carpet Cleaning

Ambassador is an experienced company that has been providing carpet cleaning in San Antonio and surrounding areas for over ten years.
Pet odor Removal
Everyone who owns a kitten or puppy knows that accidents happen. Maybe you bought and applied a spray-on, odor-treating carpet cleaner, but you still smell a faint trace of urine. This is because over-the-counter pet odor remedies simply cover up the smell, but don’t make it disappear like professional carpet cleaning does. Pet accidents can even harm your loved ones’ health. If you have children at home that are frequently crawling on carpets, did you know that pet urine and waste has bacteria that can make your family sick? Ambassador has pet urine odor treatments that immediately start eating away at the bacteria that causes your carpets to smell so bad. Our pet odor treatments sanitize your carpet making them safe for the whole family to enjoy again.
Odors We Treat

  • •Dog urine
  • •Dog marking scents
  • •Cat urine
  • •Cat spraying

Carpet Protection
Professionally protecting your carpet and upholstery after each cleaning is the solution for cleaner new-looking carpet. Ambassador uses DuPont Teflon Advanced, the most advanced carpet & upholstery treatment offered on the market today. DuPont Teflon Advanced works by creating a powerful, invisible shield around each fiber to help keep dirt, dust, and liquids from lodging within the fibers of your carpet. Your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner, brighter, and fresher because liquids and soiling will not as easily penetrate the fibers of your carpet or upholstery.
Carpet Repair
Ambassador can help with all of your minor carpet repairs. From stretching carpet to patching, our carpet repair services can bring life back into carpet that you might have previously thought was beyond repair.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Let us take one more job off of your hands (and your knees) with our tile and grout cleaning process. Our process is very effective at getting your tile floors clean, and restoring your floors to look like new again!

Our process includes a pre-inspection of your tile and grout, pre-treatment of the areas to be cleaned, scrubbing each grout line by hand, and powerful truck-mounted equipment to rinse the dirt and grime and send it back to our truck. There is no mess because our self-contained rinsing equipment keeps the gallons of hot water contained in the cleaning unit and the dirty water goes straight to back to the truck. The cleaning is performed by two well trained technicians.

Ambassador’s Carpet Care can apply a water based sealant for your grout lines after we have cleaned and dried your tile and grout. Grout sealant is a great way to help keep your grout lines cleaner longer and add an extra layer of protection for spills and stains – keeping the grout and floor surfaces looking clean longer.

If you need a San Antonio tile and grout cleaner, contact Ambassador’s Carpet Cleaning Services today. Cleaning can protect your tiles from accumulated grime, mildew, moisture and mold.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is one of your biggest investments. So choosing who cleans your upholstery cleaning is no small decision. No matter where your upholstery came from, we ensure your family heirloom, antique store find or thrift store jewel is treated with special attention and care.

How Upholstery Cleaning Works
First, our upholstery cleaning professionals inspect the upholstery with you in order to understand your needs and expectations.

We’ll check the furniture’s label or tag to check the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations. Then, we pre-treat all heavily soiled and problem areas with cleaning solutions formulated for the specific type of fabric.

Afterwards, the upholstery is steam cleaned with a fine mist

Residential Cleaning

Ambassador is proud to offer the house cleaning services you want and need. We take pride in delivering exceptional service-guaranteed along with quality customer service. We provide a variety of house cleaning services including Standard Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Move In/Move Out and our Signature Customized Cleaning, as well as a variety of additional services to meet your every need. If you are looking for regular house cleaning services or simply a one-time special occasion service, we are the provider you need. For routine service, you can schedule us weekly, bi-weekly, every 3 weeks or monthly.

Standard Service
Our standard service is a professional cleaning of the rooms of your home which includes details such as:

All Rooms
  • •Dust Window Sills, Ledges & Wall Hangings
  • •Dust & Clean Furniture
  • •Remove Cobwebs
  • •Clean Light Switches
  • •Clean TV Screens
  • •Pick Up & Straighten
  • •Make Beds
  • •Change Linens (if left on the bed)
  • •Vacuum Carpeting
  • •Sweep & Mop floors
  • •Empty Wastebaskets

  • •Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers
  • •Clean Shower Door
  • •Clean Sinks & Counters
  • •Clean Mirrors & Polish Chrome
  • •Sweep & Mop Floors
  • •Change Towels (if left for us)
  • •Wipe Exteriors of Cabinets

  • •Clean & Sanitize Sinks
  • •Polish Chrome
  • •Wipe Down Countertops & Cabinets
  • •Clean Exterior of Appliances
  • •Load Dishwasher (if empty)
  • •Clean Inside Microwave
  • •Sweep & Mop Floors

Deep Cleaning Service
When you choose our deep cleaning service, you get everything included in the standard service and more. Our deep cleaning option also includes:

  • •Dust Ceiling Fans
  • •Dust Mini-Blinds
  • •Dust Baseboards
  • •Clean Glass Patio Door
  • •Sweep Entry to your home


It’s all about the details which is why we do everything it takes to make a place that not only looks clean, but feels clean too.

At Ambassador, our janitorial services are a comprehensive plan that provides you with exactly the clean you need without tacking on extras or cutting corners. We are able to do this because of our dedication to providing an open line of communication between company and client. Always available for you to call and ask questions, we really listen to your needs and expectations so that we can provide you with a clean that is spot on.

We are bonded and insured for your protection, and pour time and effort into training every member of our team. With a positive energy and rewards, our team is upbeat and excited to do their job while working effectively and efficiently.

Move-In/Move-Out Service

We understand that moving can be hectic and challenging. For this reason, we offer the Move In/Move Out cleaning option to take one big chore off your personal list of things to do. This service is ideal for realtors or homeowners who are looking to sell or lease a home. We will take care of all these tasks:

  • •Dust Window Sills, Ledges & Wall Hangings
  • •Remove Cobwebs
  • •Clean Light Switches
  • •Vacuum Carpeting
  • •Sweep & Mop floors
  • •Remove leftover debris
  • •Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers
  • •Clean & Sanitize Sinks & Counters
  • •Clean Mirrors & Polish Chrome
  • •Clean & Sanitize Sinks
  • •Wipe down Cabinets
  • •Clean Exterior of Appliances
  • •Clean Inside Microwave
  • •Deep Clean Oven & Stove (in/out)
  • •Deep Clean Refrigerator (in/out)
  • •Clean All Cabinets & Pantry (in/out)
  • •Dust Ceiling Fans
  • •Dust Mini Blinds
  • •Dust Baseboards

Additional Services
We understand that not every home or homeowner has the same needs. For that reason, we offer custom services and A La Carte cleaning items. These are some of the extra house cleaning services that we can take care of for you:

  • •Carpet Cleaning
  • •Window Cleaning (inside only)
  • •Basement Cleaning
  • •Garage Cleaning
One of our professional Account Managers would be pleased to provide you with details of any of these services and get your house cleaning services scheduled.